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VentoNuovo Games isthe Italian company focused on developing high quality historical wargames.

Our games are made entirely in Europe (with "CE" markings) and feature high quality wooden and plastic pieces. And art. We are proud of the artwork, both on maps and counters.

Some say we work "harder than we need to" on small details of texture and color...

but we believe these things add to the feeling of a good a "new breeze."


Everyone's time is precious.

When we can take the time to play a game, it's better to get intense flavor of the style and period...

Intense flavor makes  a good Capuccino. We believe it makes a good game too!


Welcome to our efforts!

Since BLOCKS IN THE EAST has sold over 2000 copies and BLOCKS IN THE WEST nearing 1000,

we knew that people would be interested in combining both games.


We went another step that we believe is even better!


Marco Arnaudo reviews WATERLOO 200

Marco Arnaudo reviews WATERLOO 200


 "Plays fast, plays solitaire. So linear, so streamline mechanics.

A pedagogical tool, teachers could add it to their programs.

An impressive game, a great monument to History and a very impressive achievement"

Watch the BLOCKS IN AFRIKA Unboxing Video:



the BLOCKS IN AFRIKA Accessories: Goretex Maps, Icon Stickers, UV Matted Card Decks...


BLOCKS IN THE EASTWEST and AFRIKA available on Vassal!

Play free online!

Vassal Module here


 Emanuele was born in Milan in 1973.

His father was an officer in the Italian elite unit Brigata Paracadutisti Folgore,

Emanuele served as a corporal in the most decorated elite unit of the Italian Army, the 3° Reggimento Bersaglieri.

Emanuele has played historical wargames since he was a child.
He is also writes novels, screenplays, and directs movies.
His last novel, Il Dottor Ricordi, challenged for Premio Strega and won 2 International Literary Awards.
VentoNuovo Games, founded in 2012, is his fourth start-up.

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