VentoNuovo Games is the Italian company focused on creating high quality historical wargames. Our games are developed and manufactured entirely in Europe (with "CE" markings) and feature high quality pieces (mostly wooden and plastic.)

Players' safety first.

Our wooden blocks come from sustainable forests and are colored with acrylic paints, without any toxic laquer.
We do not use uncotaed paper. Our stickers are made of first quality Italian PVC. In fact our stickers do not peel off and are sweat and water resistant for decades!

We work with passion

We are proud of the artwork, both on maps and counters. Some say we work "harder than we need to" on small details of texture and coulor... but we believe these things add to the feeling of a good game... like a "new breeze."  (That is what “Vento Nuovo” means.) Everyone's time is precious.

We are Italians

When we can take the time to play a game, it's better to get intense feeling of the style and period... We aim to provide both. Intense flavour makes  a good Capuccino.

We believe it makes a good game too!

Welcome to our efforts!

And welcome to the website! 

We have constructed our pages to give the visitor the choice of how much information and detail you want, both about the game and the history behind it, as well as “support” for those who already own the game. Links will take you deeper and deeper, but we’ll always give you a choice to move on, or move directly to the Store.