KIEV '41 covers the most difficult branch - the southern one - of Operation Barbarossa
and completes the Trilogy started with MOSCOW '41 and continued with LENINGRAD '41.

The game covers a timeline of 6 months - from the end of June to the end of December 1941.
The map is not only a work of pure art, but also an accurate depiction of the area of operations:
from the Rumanian border in the west to the Don steppes in the East.
The Combat units are an exact replica of the forces involved in the campaign.
In line with previous VentoNuovo productions,
KIEV '41 has been made to the highest standards in the gaming industry and complies with all European regulations.

The game uses the same engine as its predecessors, with fog of war for masking enemy units and
wooden blocks for elegantly representing the way the units' effectiveness is reduced in combat, and rebuilt with production points.

Ale Fra fun to play-01png
Set your strategy, activate your leaders, move your units, engage the enemy, send your aircraft in to support the combats
and blitz with your tanks!

KIEV '41 is a beautiful game, quick to setup, easy to learn, fun to play and based on the latest historical research.